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Kyogoku Fukidashi Park|World Net Rent-A-Car

Today, I would like to introduce Fukidashi Park in Kyogoku-cho,

where the Muroran Sales Office staff visited.

Kyogoku is located at the foot of Mt. Yotei, one of Hokkaido's most famous mountains, called Ezo-Fuji,

and Fukidashi Park is one of the area's famous tourist attractions as famous for its mineral water spring.


There are restaurants and specialties sales corners at the Michi-no-Eki

"Meisui no sato Kyogoku(Kyogoku, a town of famous water)" right next to Fukidashi Park.


It is a mysterious place where nature and Mt. Yotei's "delicious water" flows endlessly throughout the year.


It is a suspension bridge that connects the Michi-no-eki roadside station side and the spring outlet side.

Both sides have parking lots and you can come and go on the maintained promenade.


The water temperature is about 6.5℃ throughout the year, and about 80,000 tons of water is flowing out per day.

The hardness is around 23mg/l and it is classified as soft water, it is mellow and easy to drink.

Water is freely available, there are several places where water can be supplied.


Coffee made from this water was also sold at the kiosk.

You could also buy soft serve ice cream, Korokke, and empty containers to draw water.

Fukidashi Park is quite large,

there is a large lawn with playset and an observatory overlooking the park at the top of the stairs.


You can also enjoy a day bath at "Kyogoku Onsen," which is also within walking distance from Fukidashi Park.

It is said that the scenery of Mt. Yotei seen from the open-air bath is very beautiful.


In Fukidashi Park, where it will soon be snowing,

the places you can go are limited when the snow piles up,

but you can still see the water that doesn't freeze.

Unlike the atmosphere that is crowded with tourists in midsummer,

it is a place where you can enjoy the quiet atmosphere in the snow,

how about visiting by car from World Net Rent-A-Car!