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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions most frequently asked by World Net Rent-a-Car customers.
Feel free to use them as a reference.

About reservation

You can make a reservation from this site.
Enter the departure date, return date, and departure area on the "available rent-a-car search" menu on the left to search for a vehicle.
You will see a list of the available vehicle, from which you can choose the plan you prefer.
In your reservation, please enter the name of the person who will use the vehicle.
Please contact our reservation center.
Reservation Center: +81-11-712-0033
The following fees apply when cancelling a reservation.
- 7 days prior to the departure date: Free
- 6 to 3 days prior to the departure date: 20% of the basic price
- 2 days to the day before the departure date: 30% of the basic price
- After the departure date: 50% of the basic price
※The upper limit of the cancellation charge is JPY 6,600.
It is an exclusive ETC card which can use Hokkaido expressway at a fixed price.
You can make a reservation by selecting a plan with Hokkaido Expressway Pass from vehicle search page.
We handle the Hokkaido Expressway Pass. However, there may be cases in which it is sold out. So, please contact the World Net Rent-A-Car Reservation Center about the request of HEP after you book a rental car.
We only accept the booking under the same period of both the Hokkaido Expressway Pass(HEP) and the rental car.

About the vehicles

By default, all vehicles are equipped with: Car navigation - ETC device -Bluetooth (USB in some vehicles)
The information on the navigation system depends on the vehicle model.
Some models may have information from one or two years ago.
You can use your iPod if you bring an FM transmitter with you.
Some vehicles are not equipped with a cigarette lighter socket.
The vehicle will be selected at the rental branch, so if you wish to use your iPod, please let us know in advance.
Basically, we do not accept specific requests for car models.
Only the car class can be specified, and we will then select a model from within that class.
We accept your request as high priority, but we may decline your request depending on the stock situation.
At the moment, we do not offer welfare vehicles.
We do, but as the availability is limited, please contact our reservation center.
Reservation Center:+81-11-712-0033
World Net Rent-a-car makes collision damage waiver mandatory on all our vehicles to let our customers rest assured in using our service.
--> About the insurance/compensation system
Please understand that pets cannot ride on our vehicles.
Yes, you can rent a car.
However, you will need to bring your own beginner mark.
No, fees do not change depending on the distance/mileage.
You can rent our vehicles if you carry an International Driving Permit issued by the Geneva Convention 1949 ”Convention on Road Traffic.“ and a passport.
Drivers from Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Taiwan, and Italy can rent our vehicles if they carry a driver's license and translations issued by the embassy, consulate, and JAF, along with a passport.

About pick-up and return

We cannot bring the car to an airport or hotel.
We kindly ask you to come to the branch or take our free shuttle bus from our airport counter to the rental branch. Please refer to the website of the branch for details.
- New Chitose Airport branch
- Sapporo branch
- Asahikawa Airport branch
- Hakodate Airport branch
You will be charged drop-off fees as an additional charge.
Please check the price before reserving.
--> About the drop-off charge
Please fill the tank before returning a car.
If the tank is not full, you will be charge for an estimate of the missing volume plus five additional liters as commission.
Please contact in advance the branch from which you have departed to extend the return date.
Depending on current reservation schedule, we may not be able to extend your return date.
Please take this into consideration when scheduling your return date.
(Unauthorized extensions will be charged as a penalty fee.)
Payment is made upon departure according to the reservation plan.
Additional fees for extended return time, fuel, etc. will be charged upon return.
Payment in both cash and various credit cards is accepted.