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Banei Tokachi (Obihiro Horse Racetrack)|World Net Rent-A-Car

This time, the staff of the Obihiro Sales Office visited the "Banei Tokachi Obihiro Racecourse,"

which is about 10 minutes by car from the center of Obihiro.


The entrance is in the shape of a horseshoe.


Although it is a racecourse, it is operated as a tourist facility.

Inside, there is a commercial facility "Tokachi-mura" that sells fresh vegetables and local specialties,

as well as Obihiro's specialty food, Buta-don shop and cafe.

In order to enter the racetrack inside, an adult admission fee of 100 yen is required,

but it seems that it is currently free for the time being to prevent the spread of Covid19 infection due to congestion.


In the hall, there are exhibits about the history and culture of Banei horse racing,

and a shop selling original goods.


They have prepared a beginner's corner that supports how to purchase betting tickets so that beginners can enjoy it lightly.

Unfortunately, all races had already ended by the time we visited,

but you can still eat the curry ramen and Obihiro-style sugared corn dog at here.

*In Japan, sugar is not usually put on corn dog. Unique to Obihiro and Kushiro area!

Banei Horse Racing is the only race in the world that is held only in Obihiro.

A giant horse pulls a sled made of cast iron loaded with heavy loads and runs on a 200-meter straight course with two inclines.

The point at which the tip of the sled crosses the goal is recognized as a finisher, so an eye-catching match unfolds.

Since you can buy betting tickets from 100 yen, it is one of Hokkaido's specialties that you can enjoy lightly.


At Obihiro Racecourse, races are held regardless of the season,

so you can enjoy horse racing in the white snow in winter also.

In addition, you can meet lovely animals such as horses, rabbits and chickens at the "Fureai Zoo" inside the racetrack,

feed the horses, and experience pony riding.

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