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Morning coffee at Komeda Coffee|World Net Rent-A-Car

I can feel the temperature drop on my skin every day...

The first snow in Sapporo seems to be coming soon.

On a cold morning like this, I went to a nice cafe to stop by for a cup of hot coffee.

Introducing the Komeda Coffee Kita 12 Jo higashi Branch,

which is located about a 5-minute walk from the Sapporo Sales Office.


Komeda Coffee is a chain store with more than 800 stores nationwide,

and 15 stores (as of November 2021) are operating in Hokkaido.


From the opening time to 11 am, you can eat the morning set meal for free when you order a drink.


I ordered a cup of cafe au lait with soy milk, and C set(red bean paste and butter toast).  

My companion ordered ice cafe au lait with soy milk, and A set(a hard boiled egg and toast with jam).  

I also ordered an additional mini salad on the side menu. (two types of dressing: original and soy sauce)

The toast was 3.5 centimeters thick and had a soft, chewy texture.


Komeda's specialty is "Shiro Noir", and this time I added a seasonal menu, "Shiro Noir Pistachio" mini size too.

It was warm and fluffy danish pastry and cold soft serve ice cream with pistachio sauce and crushed nuts.

It was rich but not too sweet, which I really enjoyed.


Bread for morning set meal was also sold next to the counter.

In addition, a variety of Komeda PB products

such as coffee beans, bean confectionery, baked confectionery, and coffee candy were on sale.


This time, I focused on the breakfast menu,

but Komeda Coffee offers a variety of beverages other than coffee, as well as sandwiches and desserts.

There is also a parking lot, and it is a place where you can spend a leisurely time.

How about stop by here when you visit the World Net Rent-A-Car Sapporo office!