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Winter preparation|World Net Rent-A-Car

It's getting colder little by little, and winter is almost coming.

If you are driving in a cold region by car, winter preparation is essential.

Today, Sendai office's staff is going to introduce you

how to prepare for winter at the World Net Rent-A-Car Sendai office.


There is a question. Do you know what is the picture above? (Hint: It is a winter essential.)


The answer is a studless tire.

We are already in the process of replacing with studless tires in preparation for winter.

Even in Sendai, where there is little snowfall, caution is required when driving due to road freezing in winter.

So, all vehicles are equipped with studless tires.

I feel like it hasn't been long since we replaced summer tires,

but the seasons have changed so quickly.


We would like to thank the staff of the maintenance shop for their careful work every day.


For replacement work, experts directly check studless tires, normal tires and wheels.

And we are getting advice about tires.

Thanks to this, you can use it with confidence.

We are carefully preparing so that you can drive safely.



Even good cars and tires are not all-purpose.

Especially in the beginning of winter, it is known that there are many car accidents.

Please drive even more safely in the coming season.