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Safe driving to prevent accidents|World Net Rent-A-Car

Rental car is convenient to use on a pleasant trip or an important business trip,

but when driving an unfamiliar vehicle and road condition, you need to be extra careful to avoid accidents.

This time, the staff at the New Chitose Airport sales office took pictures of the actual accident vehicle.

Let me introduce some points to safely use the rental car.


The picture above shows a vehicle that collided with a vehicle behind it when reversing in a parking lot.

A part of the rear bumper fell off…

When reversing, the accident rate in the parking lot is high, and the main cause is unconfirmed safety.

It is very important not to rely solely on the mirror or the rear camera, but to check it with your own eyes.

If you can't see it well, get off first, check safety, or if there is a passenger, ask them to guide a car.


The vehicle above collided with a car came out of a side road while driving on a priority road.

The back door was greatly bent, and the window was also broken, so it was indescribably miserable…

Fortunately, neither of them were seriously injured.

At intersections where there is no signal, collisions often occur while speeding in each other's driving directions,

and the main cause is unconfirmed safety or violation of a temporary stop sign.

At an intersection where it is difficult to check left and right or where there is a road sign for a temporary stop,

please check the left and right after stopping completely.

In residential areas, bicycles and pedestrians may jump out, so you need to be extra careful.

Even if you are driving on a priority road, always pay attention to the presence of vehicles and pedestrians

and pay attention to safe driving.


Small scratches made while using the rental car.

If even a small scratch is left unattended, the painted part will come off little by little from that part.

As shown in the photo above, it will rust and grow bigger and bigger, so it should be repaired as soon as possible.

Even a small negligence can lead to a driving mistake.

When sitting in the driver's seat, it is always advisable to maintain moderate tension.



In some cases, a car accident can completely deviate from plans or result in large expenses.

We ask that you drive safely so that the long-awaited drive does not become an unfortunate event.

All the staff, we are always praying for customers to arrive at the sales office without any accidents.