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"Curry Shop Indian", soul food for people in Obihiro|World Net Rent-A-Car

Last week, the first snowfall was observed at Mt. Asahidake in Daisetsuzan, Hokkaido.

It's getting colder day by day, and the number of inquiries about studless tires is increasing.

At each office in the Hokkaido area, tires are replaced sequentially.

During the winter season from December,

all vehicles in the Hokkaido area will be equipped with studless tires,

but now both standard tires and studless tires are equipped.

From October to November, depending on the weather and destination,

if you would like a studless tire vehicle, please contact us in advance.


By the way, the introduction has become long,

this time I would like to introduce a curry shop recommended by the staff of the Obihiro Sales Office.

Speaking of Obihiro, people know butadon(fork rice bowl) is famous,

but it is said that another Obihiro soul food is curry rice from "Curry Shop Indian".


At first, choose one from three types of roux.(Indian roux, basic roux, vege roux)

For reference, Indian roux is a bestseller.


Then, choose toppings.

There are a lot of delicious things such as cheese and hamburger steak…

Of course, it is possible not to put it on, or to put it all on.


This is pork cutlet and shrimp toppings with indian roux, and the rice is large size!

The price is a little over 1000 yen with this volume.


This time I went the Higashi 5jo store.

The restaurant has been loved by locals for a long time with a chain store in the Tokachi/Kushiro area and center of Obihiro city.

Obihiro and Tokachi areas, where agriculture and dairy farming are well developed,

have abundant natural ingredients, and there are plenty of other local gourmets and sweets shops.

Enjoy a gourmet city tour with a drive!