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Irie Takasago Shell Midden|World Net Rent-A-Car

Today, I would like to introduce Takasago Shell Midden,

one of the Jomon ruins that can be found along Uchiura Bay near Lake Toya,

where Muroran Sales Office staff took a photo before it snowed.


Jomon means straw rope in Japanese, and the name comes from the straw ropes engraved on pottery made in that era.

"A set of ruins from the ancient Jomon period in northern Japan" has been added to UNESCO World Heritage List

consist of 17 Jomon period ruins scattered across Hokkaido, Aomori, Iwate, and Akita.

One of them, Takasago Shell Midden, is located at a height of 10m above sea level where you can see Uchiura Bay.



The Takasago Shell Midden is a relic that appears from the late Jomon to the Satsumon and modern Ainu eras.

This area can be viewed freely as Takasago Shell Midden Park.


Since the shell midden created at the beginning of the late Jomon period and the tomb area of the late Jomon period were found at almost the same position,

it shows that the construction of the tomb in the shell mound was traditionally inherited.


These have been restored.

Shellfish such as periwinkle shells, scallops, and clams,

bones of herring, flounder, tuna,

and bones of mammals such as Ezo deer and dolphins have been excavated.

It is said to consist mainly of clams and bones of flounder.


"Irie Takasago Shell Midden Museum" is about a 5 minute walk from Takasago shell midden.

Although it is closed in winter, there is a variety of artifacts such as funeral tools, earthenware,

and stone tools found in the tomb of Takasago Shell Midden are on display.

When the weather gets warmer, how about visiting this place where you can feel the history?