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In the middle of Hokkaido, Asahikawa airport|World Net Rent-A-Car

When the beginning of winter is felt, the time of night comes very quickly in Hokkaido.

A snowy day, the scenery of Hokkaido you are familiar with, seems to begin soon.


Today, I would like to introduce the Asahikawa Airport terminal,

which was taken by the staff of the Asahikawa Airport sales office.

Asahikawa Airport, which is in charge of the sky in the Tohoku region, is surrounded by nature with a beautiful view.

As Asahikawa is famous for its furniture, it is a place where the interior uses the warmth of wood.


There is a food court "Soraichi" on the 2nd floor of the domestic terminal.


"Baikohken" is a ramen shop that represents Asahikawa, which was founded in 1969.

The broth that mixes tonkotsu(pork bones), chicken broth and seafood goes really well

with Baikohken's special medium-thick curly noodles.

Another advantage of the food court is that you can eat it compared to other Asahikawa ramen "Takanotsume".


At "Teppan Asato" (鉄板焼 旭人), all dishes are teppanyaki style.

In addition to the most popular stir-fried Hokkaido beef giblets,

there are other menu items such as Genghis Khan(Hokkaido style lamb dish).


There is an observation deck on the 3rd floor of the Asahikawa Airport Terminal,

even those who are not flying can see it for free.

You can see the parking lot up close, and you can feel the engine noise when airplanes take off and land.


Above is Asahikawa's symbol character, Asappy (Asahikawa+Happy)

Below is the mascot of Higashi Kagura Town famous for its flowers Kagurakki(Kagura Town+Lucky).

To tell the truth, Asahikawa Airport is located in Higashikagura Town next to Asahikawa City.

The appearance of welcoming you at the airport is cute, isn't it?


Although not introduced this time, the food court also sells a variety of other foods such as kaisen-don and desserts.

Even if you are not flying, Asahikawa Airport is full of things to do.

There is a car rental counter for World Net Rent-A-Car on the first floor of Asahikawa Airport,

and a free shuttle service is also available between the airport and sales office.

World Net Rent-a-car, which is convenient even at the airport, is waiting for your reservation.