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Caution! Car accident in Japan|World Net Rent-A-Car

Since October, sudden cold is came in Hokkaido❄❄

and it is already dark outside even at 5 pm...🌙

I feel winter is coming soon...

In addition, I heard about the forecast of Typhoon again🌀

I wish that this typhoon will pass safely without causing damages anyone.

Since the days are getting colder, and shorter,

the traffic accident is increasing.

Especially accidents caused by foreign drivers are 4 times higher than that of Japanese. 

It is very important to be aware of local traffic rules in advance of driving in other countries.

This time I am going to tell you about basic traffic rules in Japan.

We are introducing some of rules on the top page, please check it together👍👍


1.Drive on the left-hand side of the road

In Japan, vehicles usually drive on the left-hand side of the road.


2. White center divided line 

Center line is white or white dotted line by default.

Please be careful about driving backwards on the same road.

Yellow divided line is also used on the center line to prohibit overtaking on round-trip two-lane roads.


3. A red light always means “stop”

For red signals, all driving, including straight ahead, left turn and U-turn, is a signal violation.

However, if you have a green arrow, you can turn only in the direction indicated by the arrow.


4. Do not exceed that maximum speed limit

Do not exceed that maximum speed limit that is posted on street signs or other traffic indicators.

The speed limit is set differently depending on the road situation

and may change depending on the situation shown above picture.


5. Vehicle should yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.

Always be sure to check for pedestrians crossing the street.

If there are any, be sure to stop and wait for them.

You should also watch for vehicles running from the opposite lane the street when making a right-hand turn.


6. Illegal Parking

As we have introduced before,

Japanese have basically thinking that all parking should be paid.

Especially be attention to parking lots where only those with a contract.

As above signs are meaning parking lots rented on a monthly basis.

Please note that you will be fined about 15,000 ~ 30,000 yen for illegal parking.


7. No Cell Phone while driving

Please don't use a cell phone while driving.

Focusing on a screen to keep seeing for GPS is also dangerous, 

please stop the vehicle at secure location when using cell phone.


8. Fasten seat belt for all seats

All seats must wear seat belt.

Before departure, please check that all passengers fasten their seat belts for safety.


9. Driving slowly and carefully at Parking lots

The place where fender-bender occur most frequently is parking lots.

For a passenger, please get out of the car and check the space of parking with driver.

It won't be a car you're driving usually and you're not familiar with the width of the parking lot

and different direction of driving, so it's more likely to happen accident.


10. Traffic Lights for Tram

The tram in Sapporo, Hakodate

is running next to the streets with the cars.

So don't disturb the rough for tram,

and yellow signal such as above picture is only for the tram.


For more detailed information, please check from below.

The accident tend to be more likely to occur later in the trip, when you feel it used to driving.

Be driving safely,

and please enjoy your trip with World Net Rent a Car!

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us😊😊