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Please recheck when using a rental car|World Net Rent-A-Car

As the end of the year approaches, are you having a busy time finishing various things?

In times like this, we need to be more careful while driving to avoid accidents.

This time, the Sendai sales office staff would like to inform you of the precautions

and requests when using a rental car.



All our rental cars are non-smoking vehicles.

Unlike trains and buses, some smokers think that the inside of a rental car is a private space,

and smoking for a while is not a big deal.

But it makes we won't be able to rent a vehicle to another customer.

Please note that it is not allowed smoking in the car, as well as bringing ashtrays into the car.


When returning a car, please make sure there are no lost items.

There are people who put and leave various items in various places as their usual habits.

Sometimes, important cards are placed on the sun visor,

 or documents containing personal information are placed in the gaps under the seat.


Please be sure to check the storage space with a lid as well.

Regardless of the period of use, please be careful when returning the vehicle.

*Regarding your lost property, we do not assume any responsibility for storage and shipment.

In the past, all amounts related to overseas delivery were received to customers in advance

and the lost goods were sent overseas through EMS,

but regulations related to foreign currency remittances/deposits in Japan have been strengthened,

and such services are currently not available.


Finally, please return a car after filling up the fuel at the designated gas station.

(Except for reservations that can be returned without refueling)


Contamination, damage, lost items, and return without visiting a gas station could take a considerable amount of time

even after returning the vehicle, and may cost more than necessary.

We ask that you check it out for finishing travel safely and comfortably.