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Japanese-Western Eclectic Cafe, Nagayama Rest|World Net Rent-A-Car

Today, I would like to introduce you to "Nagayama Rest"

located in the Nagayama Memorial Park on the east side of Sapporo Factory.

Surprisingly, there is a cafe operating

within the "Former Nagayama Takeshiro Residence and Former Mitsubishi Mining Company Dormitory",

a tangible cultural property designated by Hokkaido,

where you can enjoy meals and sweets in a calm atmosphere that feels history.


A modern design building in the early Showa era.

Please take off your shoes at the entrance.

In addition to "Nagama rest" on the first floor, there is a "History Room"

where explanations of building description and historyare displayed.

And the Japanese-style room on the 2nd floor is a rental room that can be used for meetings and events.


Nagayama rest's recommended dessert, pudding à la mode.

Served with pudding, icecream, and a variety of fruits.


This is Nagayama Parfait.

It is served with small size dango on soft serve ice cream.

The bottom part is filled with warabi mochi, shiratama, granola, etc.,

so you can enjoy a variety of taste and textures.


There is "Sapporo Shrine" near the entrance to the Sapporo Factory(located next to the park).

Sapporo Factory was originally the site of a beer factory,

(*Sapporo Factory is currently operating as a commercial facility.)

and shrine was built to pray for the safety and development of the company.


In the atrium inside the Sapporo Factory, a huge Christmas tree that can only be enjoyed during this season of year was decorated.

You can enjoy the feast of lights that twinkle to the music for 5 minutes every hour from 16:00.


In Hokkaido, winter finally begins in earnest.

How about spending a leisurely time at a teahouse with a calming atmosphere?

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