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Tokachigaoka Park and a huge flower clock|World Net Rent-A-Car

This time, it is an introduction to Tokachigaoka Park in Otofuke Town,

where the staff of the Obihiro Sales Office visited!

It can be reached in about 20 minutes by car from the Otofuke Obihiro IC on the expressway.

It is within walking distance from the Tokachigawa Onsen town,

and it is a park where anyone can enjoy a relaxing time.

There is also an observatory near the park,

and you can overlook the Tokachigawa Onsen town, Tokachi River, and the vast Tokachi Plain.


A huge flower clock "Hanak" with a diameter of 18 meters and a second hand of 10 meters and 10 centimeters in the park.

It is said that it was the world's largest flower clock to the extent that

it was listed in the Guinness World Records in the past.

Surrounded by pretty flowers, it points towards the sun.


There is a foot bath where you can feel the manly effects of the Moor hot springs for free while looking at the flower clock.

It is installed in a small cabin like a log house, so you can visit it at any time regardless of the weather.

The hot spring water is brown, and according to the staff of the Obihiro Sales Office, it is surprisingly hot.


The shop "WELCOME Hanak" sells snacks, juices, and soft serve ice cream.

Towels for footbath are also sold, which is convenient.


If you are visiting with children, have fun at the playground!

(Unfortunately, there are some rides that cannot be used due to the influence of Covid19...)


The lawn is also spacious, so you could play with your children on a sunny day.

Various events are held in summer, such as "Yume Hotaru Observation"

where you can see fireflies grown in the hot spring water,

and "Sairinka", a show using light and sound in winter.


Obihiro, Tokachi area, where you can feel the Mother Nature.

Please rent a car from the World Net rent-A-car when you visit in this area!