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Morinaga×Shiroi Koibito collaborated dessert! Hokkaido mood at home|World Net Rent-A-Car

"Shiroi Koibito White Chocolate Drink" and "Shiroi Koibito Icecream Sandwich",

which are collaborations with the famous dairy product Morinaga

and the famous Hokkaido confectionery "Ishiya", are on sale nationwide for a limited time!

Moreover, it is the first time in history that "Shiroi Koibito" has collaborated with other companies to release products.

I was very curious (even I'm a citizen of Hokkaido💦), so I bought it immediately!


Both are 160 yen (excluding tax) and can be purchased at convenience stores nationwide.

Shiroi Koibito White Chocolate Drink (left) is a milk drink

that adds a flavor inspired by langue de chat to the taste of Shiroi Koibito's white chocolate.

It seems that it uses the same white chocolate ingredients as Shiroi Koibito.


Shiroi Koibito Icecream Sandwich contains white chocolate chips,

the shape and taste of the ice cream was inspired by Shiroi Koibito.


How to enjoy Hokkaido at home.


Morinaga & Co., Ltd. said that as the days of refraining from going out due to the pandemic of the Covid19,

they collaborated with Shiroi Koibito with the desire to make us feel

as if we were traveling to Hokkaido casually while at home or at work,

and they developed a drink and a ice cream.

How about taking this opportunity to feel like Hokkaido at home (if you are in Japan)😄