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Recommended but hidden sightseeing spots in Hakodate|World Net Rent-A-Car


Let's we talk about Hakodate's major sightseeing spots…

Night view of Mt. Hakodate, Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse in the Bay Area,

star-shaped Goryokaku, Motomachi with a cityscape that is not like Japan and etc...


I already introduced about Hakodate before,

but the place I'm going to introduce today is hidden spots with few tourists.

It won't disappoint you!


※Introducing places visited before the outbreak of Covid19 or during the Go To travel campaign.

Therefore, the information may differ from the current situation.



Cape Tachimachi

Cape Tachimachi, located at the southeastern end of Mt. Hakodate,

is surrounded by cliffs and the sea, making it a spectacular place on a clear day.

It is a viewpoint spot overlooking the Shimokita and Tsugaru Peninsula across the Tsugaru Strait,

but I could not see it due to the thick clouds in the distance on that day.


There are few tourists, you could spend relaxed time.


There is a narrow path from the toilet in the parking lot, and when you go down,

you will reach the bottom of Cape Tachimachi.

You can observe Cape Tachimachi lava here.

The lava that makes up Mt. Hakodate was created by active volcanic activity about 1 million years ago.


You can see the city of Hakodate on the other side of Mt. Hakodate.


In the summer, I recommend the walking path of "Hamanasu Park" where Hamanasu flowers(Rosa rugosa) bloom.

There is a parking lot, but it seems that it will be closed in winter.



Hakodate Foreign General Cemetery

Here is a graveyard for foreigners who came to Hakodate when the door of Hakodate was opened to other countries

as a trading port at the end of the Edo period,

and died here without returning to their home countries.

It is divided by nationality and religion.

I think the reason why this place is in a position where it can be seen the Port of Hakodate,

where ships such as fishing boats and cargo ships sail,

was to soothe the disappointment of not being able to return to their home countries at that time.


It is a viewpoint with a magnificent view of the exotic graveyard.



Midori no Shima

It is an artificial island floating in the sea near Omachi, Hakodate.

It is a good place to take a walk with a wide lawn and a bench installed.

From the outer walking path, you can see Mt. Hakodate, the cityscape of the western area,

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse, Seikan Ferry Memorial Ship “Mashu-maru”,

and Hakodate Dock.


Depending on the snowfall situation,

the Midori-no-shima parking lot in winter will be a snow dump for snow removal on city roads,

so vehicles other than related vehicles are prohibited in winter.

You can enter on foot.



+Hakodate is also placed a lot of delicious restaurants,

but today, let me introduce a lesser-known place.

I recommend enjoying a picnic at Cape Tachimachi or Midori-no-shima!


Hasegawa Store

Hasegawa store is famous for a lunch box shop that every Hakodate citizen knows.

Yakitori(grilled chicken skewers) bento is most famous.

It takes time to come out the food as they grill yakitori after ordering,

but instead, you can eat fresh and delicious ones.

Here is also a convenience store, so I bought some drinks together.


It calls yakitori(grilled chicken skewers), but basically pork is used in Southern Hokkaido.

You can choose from various types of chicken meat, meatballs, chicken cartilage, gizzards, etc. as a single item,

and you can also choose the taste such as salt, sauce, and spicy.

I ordered basic(yakitori bento, small size) that three pork belly skewers are on top of the rice.

Even a small size has a lot of volume for me!



Don't you think that the place that is a little different from the Hakodate trip

that you always thought is attractive?

Please refer to it when planning your trip with World Net Rent-A-Car!