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Valentine's day special! Made in Hokkaido, Winter-limited sweets "SNOW SAND" |World Net Rent-A-Car

New winter-only sweets have been released at "Kinotoya", a Western confectionery shop in Hokkaido!

"SNOW SAND" sweets that have good taste, texture, and appearance

are having even fancy packaging and are sold limited in winter,

so I definitely wanted to get them as chocolate for Valentine's Day!


These are fresh chocolate confectionery with a short expiration date of less than 2 weeks.

There are two types, white and black chocolate used.


You can enjoy crispy texture of cookie dough and soft texture of pave chocolate at the same time.

Since it is made only when the season that milk is delicious,

so Kinotoya decides to be sold only in winter⛄


This package uses prints by Kazuyoshi Otani and is perfect for the image of Hokkaido in winter.

If you are looking for a luxurious gift, please refer to it!


Currently, it is sold only at the Daimaru Sapporo store and the Daimaru Tokyo store.

These two stores are also sold only until Feb 14th...

But if you order online (although the number of daily sales is limited), you can get it nationwide.

By the way, I visited the Daimaru Sapporo store.

Both looked delicious, so I bought 1 case each!


It's coated with regular chocolate and doesn't melt easily.


The cross section looks like this.

It was melted more than the picture shows...

Personally, I prefer black type!

The cookie dough has full of butter flavor, and sanded chocolate can be enjoyed two textures!

It would be nice if the recipient would be happy😍



"SNOW SAND", a Hokkaido-born confectionery that feels winter.

If you are interested in this delicious, fashionable, and rare sweets

that will be on sale for a limited time,

it can also be purchased at Kinotoya's online shop,

so please check it out too.