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Sapporo Teine (Olympia Zone)|World Net Rent-A-Car

March has started, but Hokkaido is still a snowy world.

The good thing about living in Sapporo is that we can easily visit the ski resorts at any time.

March is also the time when skiing is still possible, while the number of visitors decreases slightly.

Today, I would like to introduce Sapporo Teine, located in Sapporo city, where you can enjoy skiing lightly.


Sapporo Teine is located on Mt Teine in the Teine Ward of Sapporo city and to the city centre's north-west.


It was also used as Asia's first Winter Olympics venue in 1972.

It is now a ski resort, and in the summer it is a golf course and amusement park.


This ski center serves as the starting point for the Olympia Zone.

All major facilities are located here.


A rental corner where you can rent various equipment.

In addition to skis and snowboarding equipment, you can rent all kinds of ski wear.

It's no problem even if you haven't prepared anything!


At the ski school, you can take group lessons or private lessons according to your level.

Reservation needs in advance by online!


In the ski center, meals and drinks such as curry and ramen are also sold.


In the case of Sapporo citizens, there are quite a few people who enjoy night skiing after work.

There are really few people during this time, so you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding at your leisure.

The night view of Sapporo in the distance is a bonus!


Since Sapporo Teine has free parking, it is very convenient to get there by car.

It takes about 1 hour by expressway from New Chitose Airport, 40 minutes from central Sapporo.

How about going out to enjoy winter sports in a car of World Net Rent-A-Car?