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Sapporo Factory|World Net Rent-A-Car

Today, we would like to introduce "Sapporo Factory",

a large commercial complex that takes about 5 minutes by car

from the World Net Rent-A-Car, Sapporo Office.

The Sapporo Factory was built on the site of the Sapporo Beer Factory,

which had its roots in Kaitakushi beer brewery built in Meiji 9 (1876).

Since its opening in 1993, it has been a popular spot as a tourist facility

and as a place for local residents to relax.


On the wall of this brick building(Renga Kan), there are red stars, the symbol mark of the Kaitakushi.

*Kaitakushi : early-Meiji administrative unit for Hokkaido (1869-1882)

Simple yet impressive designs are still preserved in Hokkaido.


Although green ivy is covering it now, but it will begin to turn red leaves around the end of October.

In early November, as the leaves gradually fall, you could also feel the change of seasons.


In the Chimney Square, there is a huge black chimney,

the landmark of Sapporo Factory, and the large space of the square with red bricks is a place that many tourists visit.

In winter, you can see Santa climbing the chimney.


The huge atrium (Height 39m, width 34m, total length 84m) looks like a large greenhouse.


The inside of the atrium is an open space where you can see the sky from the glass ceiling,

surrounded by a green indoor garden.


It is an open space from the basement to the 4th floor that the sunlight comes in.


From the beginning of November to the end of December,

a huge Christmas tree will be installed at this atrium using a 15-meter-tall pine tree (Todomatsu) brought from Hiroo-cho, Tokachi.

You can enjoy meals while looking at the tree.

I am already looking forward to see that.


In Sapporo, we eat "Shime Parfait" as a last bite after drinking.

And "Para Enoki", a parfait shop produced by "Parfait, Coffee, Liquor, Sato", famous for its shime parfait.

Unfortunately, it was temporarily closed due to a state of emergency… .


"Koppeya", a specialty store of koppe pan, is a place that sells various types of koppe bread,

including sweet dessert types, and savory meal types using wheat and milk from Hokkaido.


There are about 160 other stores in Sapporo Factory.

Sapporo Factory, which is full of things to enjoy

such as shopping, movie theaters, restaurants, entertainment spaces, and hotels (Hotel Krabi Sapporo),

has a large parking lot,

so how about visiting with a car of World Net Rent-A-Car!