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Newchitose Airport's limited products for the autumn of 2021|World Net Rent-A-Car

There are many words associated with autumn in Japan,

such as autumn for reading, autumn for art, autumn for sports, etc.

but everyone's favorite modifier would be, the season of appetite!

This time, we asked the staff of the New Chitose Airport Sales Office

to introduce delicious products that can be bought at New Chitose Airport,

focusing on new products and seasonal products.



An autumn-limited product of TOCATIC BASUQ,

a popular product that was once difficult to purchase due to the continuous out-of-stock situation.

Calabaza means pumpkin in Spanish.

It seems to be a dessert where you can enjoy the harmony of sweet and salty by soft pumpkin and rich cheese.


This is "TOCATIC BASUQ RINGONA" of Ryugetsu too.

Except for online purchases, this is a limited sale at Ryugetsu

on the 2nd floor of the Domestic Terminal of New Chitose Airport.

It is a Basque cheesecake made with apples and is said to be filled with apples.


Kitakaro's "Baumkuchen Yosei no Mori(Fairy Forest)",

you can enjoy marrons in September, sweet potatoes in October, and apples in November,

which is baumkuchen on a monthly basis changed.

The fluffy and moist Baumkuchen with a nice autumn taste.


The new product "White Chocolate Omelet" is a dessert jointly developed by ISHIYA, a company of Shiroi Koibito,

and SNAFFLES, famous for its cheese omelette in Hakodate.


"Halloween Palette Sable" by Chocolatier Masaru, a chocolatory founded in Sapporo in 1988,

is a Halloween-only product.

It's cute confections with chocolate coated on crispy cookies.


ROYCE' also has a lot of Halloween products.

"Royce's Chocolate Bar, Pumpkin and Pistachio" is able to buy for a limited time and in limited quantities.

You can enjoy the crunchy texture of the products with flavor of grilled pumpkin.


Morimoto, headquartered in Chitose City.

There is also a Newchitose Airport branch, and reservations for "Dorayaki Nouveau" are being accepted.

It is Dorayaki, which is made of fresh red beans harvested just that year, and can be tasted once a year.

I can't wait to taste it.


Hokkaido Limited Craft Beer "Pirkawakka"

This beer has been brewed since 1998 in Chitose City.

Pirkawakka means clean water in the Ainu language,

and it is said that the image of the clear river of the Chitose River.


"Yotei Sanroku Beer" is a craft beer with plenty of Niseko's blessings, produced by the tea specialty store Lupicia.

Using Niseko's natural water, it has the original characteristics of the material

and a fresh yet rich taste that is particular about unfiltered.

There are 5 types, so it's good to compare and find your favorite.


There are many other sweets, gourmet foods, miscellaneous goods

by limited time/quantity products at New Chitose Airport.

You will surely find delicious foods and wonderful souvenirs.

There is also a rental car counter for World Net Rent-A-Car at New Chitose Airport,

and we offer free shuttle bus between the airport and our New Chitose Airport office.

We look forward to your visit at World Net Rent-A-Car, which is convenient for those who use the airport!