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Local restaurant "Kokumotsu Matsuri" that has been loved for over 40 years|World Net Rent-A-Car

Do you like local trips such as "being a local tourist" or "going local restaurant"?

Nowadays, it is easy to collect information on the web and Social Media,

and the reputation of shops and tourist spots often spreads at once by word of mouth,

so it is actually quite difficult to find a hiding place that only locals know...

However, the place introduced today is a place where you can eat Hokkaido-like food,

the atmosphere of the restaurant is good, and it has been loved by locals for over 40 years!

I would like to introduce "Potato Cuisine Specialty Restaurant Kokumotsu Matsuri".

As a potato restaurant founded in 1978,

this restaurant serves mainly gratin, which was quite rare at the time of its establishment.

Even now, it is a shop that many people visit without forgetting the taste of the past.

There is no tourist spot nearby, and it is quite far from any subway station,

so it seems to be a place known to those in the know.

It's withered now, but in the summer the whole shop turns green with ivy, which is a pretty nice place.

Many antiques and jazz in the restaurant, a pay phone, and even dim lighting...

The retro and fashionable interior and the quiet and relaxing atmosphere make it a cozy place

to go on a date or with friends or even a single person.

There is a real telephone booth that had been used since the days

when everyone didn't even have a mobile phone♪

European old-fashioned interior that looks good with Mona Lisa's paintings

There are a lot of menus that are irresistible for potato lovers!

The main dish is gratin, but you can enjoy the taste of potatoes in various variations

such as cheese on potatoes,

pizza with potatoes and nuts, and an oven omelet with potatoes.

Gratin plate

It is a gratin baked with potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and cheese on top.

It has fresh taste of vegetables, and the tomato sauce completes the dish.

It included salad and bread and was perfect for lunch.

Potato casserole

A casserole is home cooking in western culture, so it was a menu feeling nostalgic and generous.

Also, the bechamel sauce and ratatouille accentuated the taste, and went great with potatoes!

Grilled mashed potatoes, sausages and cheese

By putting sausage and cheese on the mashed potatoes,

the taste was the same as my expectation but it was very delicious.

Potatoes are the main ingredient in all menus, it will be giving you a relaxing taste.


The lunch menu comes with coffee or tea. (Orders can be made until 15:00)

It was possible to order the lunch menu even on Saturdays and Sundays.

There are various menus that you can fully enjoy the Hokkaido's potatoes,

so please enjoy the deliciousness with the World Net Rent-A-Car!

ポテト料理専門店 穀物祭

Address:〒062-0921 北海道札幌市豊平区中の島一条9-1-1


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