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Zosui cafe that is particular about Hokkaido ingredients "35stock"|World Net Rent-A-Car

It's April.

Record high temperature continued in Sapporo this year,

and it was 18.3℃ on 29 March, which seems to be the highest in the history of observation for 144 years.

However, the minimum temperature is about 2~5℃, and the temperature difference is quite huge,

so it is also a time when you have to be careful not to weaken your immunity.

In such a case, we recommend a slightly hot dish!


Today, I would like to introduce "35stock", a Japanese style porridge cafe

where you can eat porridge that is particular about Hokkaido ingredients!


Zosui cafe "35stock" in a residential area in Kita-ku.

It's rare that Zosui(porridge) is the main dish.

It is a popular place that often has a waiting time of over 1 hour,

so it is recommended to make a reservation or enter at the same time as it opens.

The design office produced the entire space,

and it was a cafe with furniture and space with the warmth of wood and greenery.

On the 2nd floor, it should be taken off the shoes and there was a kids' space.

All the seats on the 2nd floor were reserved for family with kids on the day I visited.

This time I ordered from the seasonal menu.

(There is also a standard menu. You can also check it from the 35stock homepage!)

Including the special A class rice "Nanatsuboshi" from Urausu Town, Kunida Farm,

milk and cream from Hamanaka Town, Takanashi Milk Products Co., Ltd.,

cakes made from 100% wheat from Ebetsu,

free range farming eggs from Lake Toya, and etc…

They are particular about Hokkaido ingredients,

and you can eat foods made with high-quality local ingredients that are safe and delicious.


Seasonal porridge SET

"Octopus and Kimchi with spicy shrimp miso porridge" , obanzai, and salad.


"Octopus and Kimchi with spicy shrimp miso porridge"

It wasn't as hot as the color!

The octopus was also very large and plenty, and the kimchi was crispy.

It comes out hot, so be careful not to touch the pot.




Since all the menus are using no chemical seasoning, many people might feel it is bland.

But it was a dish that was kind to the body.

Especially for porridge, there are various types of soup stock, so I want to try it again. 

For dessert

Seasonal Sunday Strawberry x Sakura

In addition to the soft serve ice cream made from the rich milk of Hakodate Onuma, Yamakawa Farm,

there are cherry blossom white chocolate, crumble, and sticky rice cake in the box,

so you can enjoy various tastes and textures.

Also please enjoy strawberry, cherry cream, and matcha decorations with ice cream.

With warm roasted green tea

I chose hojicha, but it seems that coffee is also offered to match Japanese food.


Parking is possible for 3 cars in front of the cafe and 7 cars in the back.


How about enjoying Japanese porridge made with Hokkaido ingredients and dessert

with the car of World Net Rent-A-Car, and spend a time in a lovely space!



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