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Fluffy and chewy donut&bagel specialty shop "Fuwamochi-tei" |World Net Rent-A-Car

Bagels, do you like it?

honestly, it was a food I didn't like before...

However, I found a bagel shop where I can eat deliciously even for me!

Sapporo's donut and bagel shop "Fuwamochi-tei".

This shop, which has been popular since it opened in 2011,

has a soft texture that can be enjoyed by children and the elderly,

and is visited by a wide range of customers and welcomes customers with children.

So it has been loved by moms in Sapporo for a long time.

If you are outside of Hokkaido, there is one shop in Tokyo,

but today I would like to introduce you to the main shop

and Fuwamochi cafe on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the main shop together!

It is a donut&bagel shop that carefully made each one using strictly selected ingredients

such as natural yeast and Hokkaido wheat,

with a focus on fluffy and chewy texture.

Maximum is two groups in the shop, so it might be a little lined up...

The shop is much smaller than you can see from the outside.

On the blackboard standing outside the shop,

there were descriptions of the products for a limited time sale in March!

All of them looked delicious... I don't want to get it in a limited time...

They have about 140 flavors of donuts and bagels.

Among them, 30 kinds of donuts and 30 kinds of bagels are lined up in a shop every day.

The donuts look so fluffy texture.

They focus on a light texture and not too much sweetness.

Plain bagels, flavored bagels, and including full of ingredients bagels...

I've never seen donuts and bagels with so many flavors.

Sandwiches and drinks are also on sale

Seasonal fruit sandwiches

Looks fresh and delicious! There were only a few left...

There is also a recommended ranking from the staff!

↓I took it away to home and tried it!

「Strawberry Milk Donut」

A classic donut flavor and design topped with strawberry-flavored chocolate.

It has a good balance of sweetness of chocolate and sourness of strawberries.

Donut in March limited

「Apple pie donut」

The flavor of cinnamon was very rich and the topping of the pie crust,

the apple and custard go well together,

making it a donut that you could not taste anywhere else.


「Omu-kare Bagel」

It looks like curry bread,

but there is no doubt that it is Furano B-class gourmet, omu-kare,

with chewy bagel and fluffy omelet egg!

Donut in February limited

「Nama Choco&Belgian chocolate donut」

An irresistible taste for chocolate lovers.

Due to the bitterness of Belgian chocolate, not only children but also adults can enjoy it.

Main shop / Machinaka shop limited, Seasonal fruit sandwich

「Decopon and Strawberry Fruit Sandwich」

Fluffy sandwich bread with whip cream, fresh fruits

It can't be bad...

The size is quite small.

Jalan Hokkaido x Fuwamochi collaboration product

「Strawberry and Cranberry Bagel Sandwich」

Mixed sweet strawberry and sour cranberries with cream cheese to make a dessert sandwich.

It looks like a dessert, but it has plenty of cream cheese and is heavier than your expectation.

Cross section of cutting Apple pie donut

With the custard and apples filling, you can eat deliciously until the last bite.

Cross section of Omu-kare bagel

With plenty of ingredients, it is also the best substitute for meals.

The taste is definitely bagel, but I was surprised at the chewy and soft texture.

The secret of the texture of bagel is said to be due to plenty of milk and kneaded potatoes.

All the types I bought were so delicious!

There are also shop-limited products, so I would like to go to other shops next time.

To the left of the shop is a stair leading to the cafe.

At the cafe, you can enjoy lunch with freshly made bagel sandwiches.

Also, donuts and bagels bought on the 1st floor can be eaten at the cafe by ordering only drinks.

A cafe with the atmosphere of an old folk house.

It was a weekday, but the window seats and the 3rd floor were all full of reservations.

Seat reservations are accepted by phone only for those who can come to the cafe by 11:30.

The 2nd floor is a calm space, so friends and couples prefer it,

and the 3rd floor is a cushion seat, which is very popular with people with children.

For menu orders, you should write down the order to above paper.

I ordered the lunch plate.

It was a "Fuwamochi plate" consisting of one main sandwich, a bagel and dips.

It also consists of a sandwich, one drink, salad, and 100% raw milk yogurt!

I enjoyed various flavors such as root salad, potato salad, sausages, and maple honey dip (on the day).

Bagels can be selected from S size / L size, and this time I ordered the S size.

S size can only be selected for lunch plate.

There are more than 50 kinds of sandwiches, so I was very confused,

but this time I ordered avocado and salmon with creamy spice.

It was an introduction of the Fuwamochi-tei / Fuwamochi cafe

where you can eat donuts and bagels using Hokkaido wheat with a fluffy and chewy texture!

Fuwamochi-tei Main shop (ふわもち邸 本店)

Address: 〒004-0052 札幌市厚別区厚別中央22丁目3-3

Opening hours: 8001600(※Close as soon as sold out)

Closed: Mondays and Tuesdays


Fuwamochi Cafe (ふわもちカフェ)

Fuwamochi-tei Main Shop 2F / 3F

Opening hours:11:0015:00(Order stop 14:00

Closed:Mondays and Tuesdays (and Other irregular holidays)

Japanese only available

No parking lot(use for paid parking lot)