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Hakodate City to Hakodate Airport Expressway opened!|World Net Rent-A-Car

Due to increasing the confirmed COVID-19 cases,

traveling to Hokkaido continues to be difficult.


The picture is of cherry blossoms in Hakodate taken in early May

by World Net Rent-a-car Hakodate Airport staff,

hoping to feel even a little while traveling to Hokkaido!📷


But, I heard that Honshu is already in rainy season...

Today(17th May), Hokkaido is also rainy day and cherry blossoms had already fallen...

After Covid19, many people would be planning to travel to Hokkaido using a rental car.

And I would like to introduce very useful information

for those who are considering a trip to Hakodate, a famous tourist city!

On March 28, 2021, Hakodate Shinsoto Kanjyo Dori Road and Airport Expressway were opened,

making it possible to transfer from Akagawa I.C. to Hakodate Airport I.C.!


The Akagawa I.C.~Hakodate Airport I.C. has been extended by about 7.6 km.

Including the Hakodate I.C.~Akagawa I.C., which are already open,

Airport Expressway has reached a total of 10 km.


Using the airport expressway has reduced the time required

from Hakodate I.C. to Hakodate Airport by nearly 20 minutes!


↑Hiyoshi I.C.

It took about 45 minutes to Hakodate Airport-Onuma National Park before,

but now it will be shortened by 15 minutes by using the Airport Expressway.

* This does not apply in winter.


The road was congested just after its opening on March 28,

but more than a month later, as you can see, it is now possible to move smoothly.


Please enjoy Hakodate drive by car of World Net Rent-A-Car,

which is comfortable with a new car, on a route that is much more convenient to access by car!

You can reserve a rental car by the end of March 2022 next year.

Please check here for reservations and empty car search!