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Traffic accident caution area notifying by local staff|World Net Rent-A-Car

Nowadays, the weather in Hokkaido is so fluctuating

that even if the warm spring-like weather continues,

it suddenly gets cold due to a gust of wind and rain...


Despite these days, cherry blossoms finally bloomed in Hokkaido.🌸

※The staff sitting in the passenger seat was shooting!


Due to the spread of Covid19 infection,

the number of people who come to travel in Hokkaido is decreasing,

but it seems that more people want to move freely by rental car rather than public transportation,

which tends to close to the other people.


However, even if you are going to enjoy driving,

if you encounter a sudden traffic accident in your destination,

your plans would be completely ruined and unexpected expenses would be incurred.


So this time, I had an interview with the staff of the New Chitose Airport Sales Office,

which is located near New Chitose Airport, which is the gateway to Hokkaido travel,

and is the most visited by tourists among all World Net Rent-a-car branches.

Hello, this is World Net Rent-a-Car New Chitose Airport Office staff!


CASE 1:Accidents in the parking lot (property damage, etc.)

There are many property damage accidents in the parking lot.

Such as,

The vehicle is scratched by hitting a pillar in the parking lot

Colliding with another parked vehicle」,

there are many accidents when moving back.

It is a rental car and is not a vehicle that you are used to,

so if you have a passenger, ask the passenger to guide you!


CASE 2:Contact with a deer that suddenly pops out on a road

Although they are such cute deer,

but in Hokkaido, it often jumps out on road.

Even on such a straight road, be careful not to overspeed in the area

with the "Caution for deer jumping out" sign!

Be careful if you find such a sign!


CASE 3:The destination after passing through the tunnel is not always a straight road!

↑It is a Kanayama tunnel in Minamifurano Town.

The tunnel entrance looks like a straight road, but...

As soon as you exit the tunnel, there is a sharp curve section

Be careful not to speed up too much!


Roads in Hokkaido are wide and straight,

but there is a lot of speeding violation that can be to accident.

Please refer to it and have a good time with safe driving!