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Hakodate Airport rental car counter under renewal|World Net Rent-A-Car

Hokkaido was hit with record heavy snow this year.

The massive snowfall, which even Hokkaido residents,

who thought they were accustomed to in a snowy environment, had never experienced before,

caused flight cancellations, train and bus suspensions, and so on.

On a road that has become very narrow due to snow,

there are roads that are difficult to walk properly due to the vicious cycle of continuous traffic congestion

and snow accumulation before snow removal.

Spring still feels far away in Hokkaido.

Today, we would a guide to the current Hakodate Airport and rental car counters.


Currently, the rental car counter has moved slightly from its original location

due to the renovation work of the Hakodate Airport Terminal Building.


This is the temporary rental car counter.

It is opposite Lawson, a convenience store that opened in Hakodate Airport in January of this year.


The rental car counter will be renewed at the end of March, so please come here until then.


Although the days have warmed up a lot this weekend, Hokkaido's weather is still unpredictable.

When driving, please take your time and think about safe driving more than usual.