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View of the Tokachi Plain from the Shin-Arashiyama Sky Park Observatory|World Net Rent-A-Car

From June, the rainy season in Japan begins.

There is no rainy season in Hokkaido,

so people from non-Hokkaido areas say that it is not humid heat even in the middle of summer.

*Japan is famous for its incredibly humid heat.

But Hokkaido people (especially me...) who are not very strong against the heat think that

it's hot weather anyway...

By the way, today is introduction of the recommended spots in the Eastern Hokkaido area

introduced by the local staff of the Obihiro Sales Office.

The Obihiro Sales Office is a sales office that just opened in May last year,

and is currently only available for rental car substitutes and contracted corporations.


Introducing this time is the Shin Arashiyama Sky Park Observatory, which is a superb view point in Memuro Town,

about 40 minutes by car from the World Net Rent-A-Car Obihiro Sales Office!


Currently, due to the state of emergency, all facilities in Shin-Arashiyama Sky Park are closed...

(As of June 2021)

That's why the weather was nice, but we can enter until here...💦

If you can enter the observatory, it is a great view point that you can see the Tokachi Plain in the southeastern part of Hokkaido.

Please enjoy the fantastic view from the Shin-Arashiyama Sky Park Observatory

with the car of World Net Rent-A-Car when you come to Hokkaido!