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Please be more careful this winter drive|World Net Rent-A-Car

Due to the heavy snow that fell from the end of December to January last year,

the snow removal work in Hokkaido was being delayed, and traffic was temporarily paralyzed...

There are still areas where snow removal is not done properly,

this is the road condition in Sapporo city at this moment.


The accumulated snow is encroaching on the driveway...

Originally, this road was three-lane, but in reality it is used like a two-lane road.


It's a different road. It is relatively snow-removed here.

※This road was originally a two-lane road, but now only one-lane roads can be used...

This was filmed during a time when there is not much traffic,

but most roads are congested during commuting hours and many vehicles are driving by keeping the speed and distance between vehicles.

We recommend a drive with plenty of time, and moving around avoiding traffic jams.


On the road, bicycles parked before snow and buried in the snow, it is a common sight in winter Hokkaido💦


The garbage dump in one mansion seems difficult to reach because of the snow.


Accidents in parking lots are relatively common among rental car accidents.

It may be happened that hit another parked car, or scratched your rental car by rubbing a curb.

※Besides, I can't even see the curb because of the snow.

Although this parking lot is relatively snow-removed, depending on the location, there are places where snow removal is not done,

so please be careful more than usual, such as too close with the next car or approaching the parking lot entrance gate.

In order to use a rental car comfortably as a means of transportation during this time,

we ask that you take more time and mind to drive in Hokkaido in winter!