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Homemade sandwich shop, Sandria|World Net Rent-A-Car


Today, I would like to introduce the famous homemade sandwich shop in Sapporo!


'Sandria' is a takeout-only sandwich shop that opened in 1978.

Sandwiches with plenty of stuffing that is using Hokkaido's ingredients

are loved by Sapporo citizens for many years as its freshness and reasonable price.


40 different kinds of sandwiches are in the showcase any time.

I tend to visit here after checking the types I want to eat in advance at the homepage,

but there are quite a few kinds that are not posted on the homepage,

so I always buy 1~2 more than my expectations.


There are so many kinds of sandwich such as used basic ingredients of egg, ham,

and such unique ingredients of tandoori chicken, pork BBQ with salt, burdock root with mentaiko,

and seasonal ingredients of mint chocolate, sweet potatoes and whip cream, strawberry

and even weekend-limited rolled eggs omelet sandwich


The popularity ranking of the sandwich is written on the board.

1st place Double egg, 2nd place Ebi-mayo (shrimp cutlet + mayonnaise sauce) 3rd place Fruits

and personal recommendation ranking is not very different from the voting results👍


*4th Teri-Tama 5th Pork cutlet 6th Tandoori Chicken 7th Burdock root with Mentaiko

8th pork BBQ with salt 9th Yakisoba 10th Strawberry Jam

and shop's recommendation is Chicken cutlet.


Ebi-mayo, Burdock root with Mentaiko, Coffee bread and Fruits

Lettuce Tomato Cheese, Double egg

Mint chocolate(summer limited)


Since this is a place I visit very often, so I also tried many other sandwiches that didn't take a picture,

and all of them were delicious!


Freshly made sandwiches are constantly displayed in the showcase!


They also sell crusts(sometimes it is free of charge).

1.5kg is 50 yen and 750g is 30 yen, so many people come here for this.

When I was in line outside, there were about 8 bags, but only one bag was left...


After buying it, you could eat it at the hotel, or enjoy a picnic at the Nakajima Park, Odori Park.


Sandria offers delicious sandwiches that are great for breakfast, lunch, and late-night snacks.

Please feel free to drop by anytime.



Sandria サンドリア


Open: 24 hours

Close:December 31th~January 2nd