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Hokkaido-born convenience store, Seicomart|World Net Rent-A-Car


Bird mark on the orange signboard,

a convenience store chain based in Hokkaido, Seicomart.

(I thought the bird is a pigeon, but it is a phoenix actually.


Even in Japan, many people who live outside of Hokkaido do not know about SeicoMart,

but in fact, it is the first convenience store in Japan,

and it is a company that has been very loved in Hokkaido for a long time

when customer satisfaction at convenience stores has been ranked No. 1 for 5 consecutive years!


As it is a convenience store, they sell various products,

but I would like to introduce you to the special features of Seico Mart,

from 'Secoma', original brand products of Seicomart that utilize Hokkaido's abundant resources,

and 'HOT CHEF', which you can eat freshly made at the store.


◆Ice cream using Hokkaido milk

Secoma's ice cream using rich Hokkaido milk, is guaranteed high quality.

There are plenty of flavors that make use of Hokkaido-like such as Hokkaido melon, cheese, and haskap,

as well as standard flavors such as milk, caramel, chocolate and etc,.


HOT CHEF, the hot food menu made in the kitchen inside the store

They offer good quality meal such as Katsudon, which is discarded after displayed for 3 hours,

warm and big onigiri(rice balls), freshly fried chicken, and freshly baked croissants.

All "HOT CHEF" products are cooked in-store,

and not used any preservatives, synthetic colorants, or artificial sweeteners. 


◆Lots of cup noodles that you have never seen before!

Most of Secoma's cup noodles are priced at a very reasonable price of 110 yen.

There are a wide variety of flavors that are often found in Japanese cup noodles,

such as soy sauce and seafood,

as well as cup noodles that are unique to Hokkaido,

so I recommend to try the cup noodles that you can only buy here.


◆Wines, amazing prices and quality!

Currently, Seicomart imports more than 80 types of wine from Europe and South America.

They visit wineries and trade directly without going through a trading company

and it makes to enjoy good quality wines at a surprisingly low price (around 500 yen…).



◆Seicomart offers over 1000 original brand products!

There are so many original brand products that I can't introduce all of them since there are over 1,000 items!

Please try the original products only for Seicomart, which are hard to find in other areas!