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Otaru, a sightseeing spot that can be visited on a day trip from Sapporo|World Net Rent-A-Car

This time, I went to Otaru, a popular sightseeing spot in Hokkaido,

which is about 50 minutes by car from Sapporo (by expressway).


First is JR Otaru Station.

Constructed in 1934, it is the oldest steel-framed reinforced concrete station in Hokkaido.


There are also restaurants and souvenir shops inside the station.

When I visited, many wind-bells were on display.


Here is old Temiya Line railroad track.

It is part of the first railway opened in Hokkaido.


Now, the side of the railroad track is also well maintained, and it is used as a promenade for about 1.6km.

You can even walk directly on the track!


It is the Otaru Canal, which is most famous tourist spot in Otaru.

It is characterized by a gentle curve because it was built by reclaiming the coast,

and brick warehouses and historic buildings line the canal.


It is also a popular photo spot because you can get a glimpse of the old days of Otaru

just by walking on the cobblestone promenade.

At night, you can enjoy a different atmosphere from the daytime

with the lights of gas lamps and buildings.


Otaru Port is a port with relatively calm waves

and has been developed as a gateway to the development of Hokkaido.

In the past, it prospered as a trading port, but ferries connecting Hokkaido and Honshu are now operating.


This parking lot is close to the main sightseeing spots, and it's 800 yen even if you stop for hours a day,

so it's convenient for sightseeing.


In addition to the places introduced this time, Otaru has a lot of fun places.

There are many paid parking lots around Otaru's major tourist spots.

Please park in a nearby parking lot and enjoy sightseeing even for a short time,

not illegal parking that causes accidents or traffic jams!