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Soft serve icecream from Asahikawa, Furano, and Biei|World Net Rent-A-Car

There's a lot of heat all over the country...

Hokkaido has been hot day after day,

but many flowers that bloomed on Shikisai no Oka are showing that they are not tired of the heat.



Today we introduce ice cream to quench your thirst in summer!

Let's introduce soft serve ice cream recommended by the Asahikawa Airport Sales Office staff.


look at this!! Huge size!

It is said to be about 28 centimeters.

It is not only a huge, but it is made with Hokkaido milk, and the taste is quite nice,

so surprisingly, our staff ate it all alone.


They are sold at the shop next to Asahiyama Zoo.

How about the Megamori (メガ盛り) size, is there anyone who wants to try it?


This is a lavender flavored soft serve ice cream.

The lilac color is so unique but wonderful.

It had a refreshing aroma and rich taste.


Lavender ice cream is sold at several shops in Farm Tomita.

How about not just looking at Furano's lavender, but also eating it and enjoying it?


Next, the colorful ice cream that stands out!

The icecream taste of Ramune soda, is included cute cookie with fox illustration!


Aoi ike(Blue pond) soft serve ice cream sold at the Blue pond shop.

Please enjoy with a dreamy and fantastic landscape!

Hokkaido is also famous for its delicious food, and soft serve ice cream is one of them.

In the short summer in Hokkaido, please compare ice cream from various places with World Net Rent a Car!