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2021 Christmas Limited products of New Chitose Airport|World Net Rent-A-Car

Since last week, heavy snow has suddenly fallen in Sapporo.

Christmas, which is not far away, seems to be accompanied by white snow.

As Christmas comes, you can find a variety of limited products at New Chitose Airport.

This time, we asked the staff of the New Chitose Airport Sales Office to introduce delicious products

that can be bought at New Chitose Airport during this period.


A Christmas limited pop chocolate released by Royce.

It is a box full of shape of Santa and tree chocolates reminiscent of Christmas.

The limited-time product "Decoration Cake Box", a collection of various Royce's products in one box,

has a box design reminiscent of a Christmas cake,

and is a popular product with a limited number of purchases per person.


Kitakaro's Baumkuchen "Fairy Forest(妖精の森)" decorated with a Christmas-limited stamp and package

is on sale for a limited time.


If you need a small gift, how about considering "Gororing Santa" or "Tree pouch on Christmas Eve" of Ryugetsu?


A famous confectionery shop in Hakodate, Snapples' New Chitose Airport-limited sweets "Fuwafuwa Sand Cookie".

Marshmallows in the image of lightly piled up snow are sandwiched in sabre cookies and coated with thick chocolate.


At LeTAO's chocolate specialty shop "Nouvelle Vague",

a New Chitose Airport-limited product "Brownie Barton Pie" is only being sold in limited quantities every day.


Potta, the character of Jagabee is also enjoying Christmas right now♪



At New Chitose Airport, there is a dedicated reception counter for World Net Rent a Car,

and a free shuttle bus between the airport and our New Chitose Airport office is also available.

We look forward to your visiting!

And hope you have a wonderful Christmas!