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Yukgaejang Ramen Restaurant "Menya Karanari Otofuke Store"|World Net Rent-A-Car

It is late March and it is said that cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Tokyo.

In Hokkaido, the temperature is rising little by little, and the speed of snow melting is also increasing.

Cherry blossoms are expected to be visible in about a month or so.


Today, the staff of the Obihiro Sales Office visited "Menya Karanari Otofuke Store".


This restaurant specializes in yukgaejang ramen using oxtail broth.


In fact, Yukgaejang is Korean spicy beef soup, but this one tastes completely different from Korean Yukgaejang.

This is a Japanese-style ramen restaurant with oxtail broth added to the spicy taste.

Since you can choose the spiciness level, it is said that there is a level 0 that is not spicy at all.

What the staff ordered was the most common, spicy level 3, and large serving noodles.

We are sorry for the visual that they already took a bite before the photo shoot...


There is an option to eat rice with the remaining soup.

You can add the soup, rice, and eggs or cheese (or both) that are warmed in a clay pot, and enjoy until the end.


Originally, this ramen was one of the popular menu of Yakiniku restaurant in Obihiro .

If you are looking for a unique ramen restaurant in Hokkaido,

where there are so many different types of ramen,

how about this place?