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Notice of Stop rental service of the 8-seat Minivan class

Until now, Minivan vehicle class (VOXY, Noah, etc.)

that we had are two types of vehicles in stock:7-seater and 8-seater,

but we are going not in stock 8-seater vehicles in the future,

and for the Minivan class, we would rend only 7-seater vehicles.

If you are planning to trip for 8 people,

please make a reservation for more than 2 vehicles.


For 8-seater vehicles we currently have is very limited,

so we would stop sales the rental of 8-seater vehicles. 

(For those who made reservations before October 20, 2022,

we would like to respond as much as possible if you want a 8-seater car.)


We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused you. We would ask for your kind understanding.