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Mileage Displacement Number of seats Size of the trunk
13.4km/L 2000cc 8 (Recommended number of people 6) ×2
Vehicle Equipment
Air bag ABS Accessory socket ETC device The vehicle comes with a rear camera. Traction Control System Smart Entry System CD player Connection port for AUX terminal Bluetooth 

About the vehicle

Introducing TOYOTA's VOXY. This stylish vehicle can carry as many as 7~8 people, and you can arrange the seats in the vehicle to suit your own purposes. The vehicle's floor has been designed to be low, making it easy for passengers to get on/ off. Also, with Voxy's seats, your long-distance road trip is bound to be a good one. Enjoy a soothing and stable drive with Voxy.

For the interior of the car, it is based around the color black. There is a sufficient space in the driver’s seat for your comfortable driving.

To start the vehicle's engine, step down on the brake while simultaneous pressing the push button on the right side of the steering wheel with the smart key inside of a car.

The second row seat. With the interior space, the low floor and the sliding doors, passengers will have a much easier time getting on/ off the vehicle.

The third row seat, with plenty of leg room. The seat itself is also comfortable, making your trip an enjoyable one.

If you plan on using the third row seat, you may fit as many as two items, each the size of the average carry-on luggage.

You may raise the third row seat have it fixated if you are not planning on using it.

You can make extra storage space out of the third row seat by raising it up. You can fit large-sized items into the space.

The sunshades in the second row seat block out the sunlight and help keep the interior cool.

The switch for the power sliding doors can be found underneath the bottom right side of the driver's seat. You can open/ close the sliding doors from the driver's seat when you press the switch.

"Grade・Kirameki", our new arrival model, have speakers attached to the vehicle's ceiling, so you can be looking to drive with some music.

The vehicle size is 471 cm(length)× 173 cm(width) × 187 cm(height).