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Mileage Displacement Number of seats Size of the trunk
22.5km/L 660cc 4 (Recommended number of people 2) ×2
Vehicle Equipment
Air bag ABS Accessory socket Idle reduction function Car navigation system ETC device Electric card key CD player 

About the vehicle

Introducing Daihatsu's TanTo. With the path clear of a center pillar, passenger sitting in the assistant passenger's seat will have a much easier time getting on/ off the vehicle. The height inside the vehicle is 1,365 mm, making it easy for the kids to stand up staight inside. The vehicle is a perfect combination of high maneuverability, a good fuel economy and big space. The vehicle size is 339 cm(length)× 147 cm(width) × 175 cm(height).

With the elegant design of the interior, you will not to bore.

To start the vehicle's engine, step down on the brake while simultaneous pressing the push button on the left side of the steering wheel with the smart key inside of a car.

The field of view with this vehicle is so much better with the meter being in the center.

The instrument panel to which the GPS has been attached carries with it an elegant vibe. The GPS itself is also easy to spot.

The ETC device can be found attached to the very bottom of the center, close to where one's feet are usually placed.

The instrument panel above the steering wheel has a compartment into which you may store small items. Please check to see if you have stored anything in it before you return the vehicle.

There is just TOO much space in the rear seat, as you can see in the picture.

With the vehicle's center-pillarless design, you will have a much easier time getting on/ off and fitting items into the vehicle.

You can make a table out of the assistant driver's seat by folding it down, so that you can enjoy taking a break in the vehicle.

There is still plenty of space even with a baby car seat in place.

You will surely be able to enjoy your driving experience with the vehicle's ceiling built so high up.

There is enough space in the trunk to hold two items, each the size of the average carry-on luggage.

You can make more space out of the rear seat by folding it down. You can fit long items into the vehicle if you fold down the assistant driver's seat.

The fuel tank is on the left side of the vehicle

This remote control key is for TanTo. Please keep it safe.