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Mileage Displacement Number of seats Size of the trunk
25.2km/L 660cc 4 (Recommended number of people 3) ×2
Vehicle Equipment
Air bag ABS Accessory socket Car navigation system ETC device Traction Control System Smart Entry System CD player 

About the vehicle

Car model name  Maker Trim Level   Length×Width×Height(cm) Car Colors Equipped with 4WD
N-BOX Honda G
(Not equipped with Honda Sensing)
and etc.
339x147x175 Black、Pearl White and etc.

※Information as of August 2019. May vary depending on vehicle purchase status.
※Please note that vehicle models, vehicle colors, 4WD equipped vehicle, etc. cannot be specified or guaranteed.


To start the vehicle's engine, step down on the brake while simultaneous pressing the push button on the right side of the steering wheel with the smart key inside of a car.



The ETC device can be found attached to the bottom of the central part that separates the driver's seat and the assistant driver's seat.

The plasmacluster in the air conditioner will clean the air in the vehicle.

The switch for the vehicle's power sliding doors can be found located at the bottom right of the driver's seat.
The button will allow the driver to open/ close the vehicle's sliding doors from the driver's seat.

A Side-View Support Mirror can be found attached on the assistant driver's side of the vehicle.
The upper portion of the mirror shows the view below the assistant driver's door, while the lower portion of the mirror shows the view in front of the front left tire.
This mirror comes in handy when you are about to park on the roadside.

With the low floor and the sliding doors on either side, passengers will have an easy time getting on / off and loading luggage into the vehicle.

There is so much space in the rear seat that you probably won't believe that you are actually looking at a light vehicle.
With the ceiling so high, the kids will be able to stand straight inside the vehicle, too.

You can make more space for your luggage by folding up the rear seat.
This is especially convenient for if you can't open the trunk when the parking space is too small.


There is enough space in the trunk to hold two items, each the size of the average carry-on luggage.
You can make even more space out of the rear seat by folding it down.

You will be surprised by how spacious the rear seat area is if you folding down the seat.
Carrying long items also can put it in because of the vehicle's ceiling with it being so high up.

The fuel tank is on the left side of the vehicle.

This remote control key is for N-BOX. Please keep it safe.