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Moerenuma Park where you can enjoy nature and art|World Net Rent-A-Car

Moerenuma Park can be reached in about 30 minutes by car from central Sapporo.

It is a beautiful park that was hard to imagine until you hear the story of a place

that has been transformed into a park that used to be a landfill site in Sapporo.

The basic design was done by world-famous sculptor Isamu Noguchi.

The park has full of charm at any time of the year,

where you can enjoy the fusion of nature and art in the spacious grounds.


There are several parking lots, but among them, I used P2 (center),

which is closest to the glass pyramid.

Unfortunately, Moere Beach and Aqua Plaza were prohibited of use this year.

Bicycle rentals and Sea Fountain are also suspended because of state of emergency by Covid19...


Glass Pyramid “HIDAMARI”

There are restaurant, gallery, souvenir shop, and park management office inside the building,

but they are also temporarily closed.

The toilet and ticket booth were open, so I took a guide map from here.


The souvenir shop seems to sell Moerenuma Park original goods

and books related to Isamu Noguchi.


This is Moereyama that is 62m above sea level.

When you walk to the top, it becomes an observatory where you can see not only the park

but the entire city of Sapporo.

And in winter you can enjoy skiing and sledding.

There is Aqua Plaza, a fountain in the front of mountain,

but it is not currently in operation...


The white building on the left is "MUSIC SHELL"

Since there is a stage, it is used as a performance stage for concerts and dances.

The stainless steel monument seen in the center is "TETRA MOUND".

The stainless steel surface that was completed to resemble Isamu Noguchi’s fountain works

in Detroit shows different expressions with changes in lighting.


On the day, there were many people who enjoyed catch balls, walks,

and picnics while keeping a distance from each other.

How about visiting Moerenuma Park,

where you can enjoy various things depending on the season, by car of World Net Rent-A-Car?

We will introduce "Sea Fountain" and "Moere Beach",

which were unfortunately unable to introduce this time, to everyone as soon as the Covid19 is over!