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A short summer in Hokkaido has come to the latter part. (>_<)

In the daytime, the sunlight is still strong,

but it is getting cool in the morning and evening.

Even in the car, you will get a tanning by the strong sunlight.

Please be careful.

This time, we will introduce TOYOTA VOXY which is popular for customers driving with family.


VOXY Grade "Kirameki”

It is very good about having

the stylish and exquisite presence. (●^o^●)


Umm.. it has a stately appearance from the front view.

This is my favorite picture with a lighting effect lighted by sunlight.


This is the low-height car.

So, it is easy to get on and off for small children.


The plated door mirror is the peculiar design for VOXY Grade Kirameki”


The power sliding door on the right and left door is equipped,

and it can be operated from the driver’s seat.


Idling stop function next to the engine start button is equipped.

Default in the status of Idling stop function is OFF.

So, if you need,

you can switch it conveniently.  (≧▽≦)


The customers who are very sensitive to cold like me is a must-see!

The air conditioner(Front Automatic Air Conditioner) is equipped

and can be adjustable separately for the driver’s and passenger’s seat.

It is a good function to keep the comfortable temperature .(●^o^●)


On the left-hand side of the steering wheel,

there is a steering switch to turn up and down the volume

and operate the car navigation system.

But, please use it when the car is stopped.


On the window of the back seat,

it has the 【Sun Shade for the back seat】(^^)!

It is GOOD for the sunny day with the strong sunshine to prevent sunburn.


In the back seat,

it has a 【Rear Automatic Air Conditioner】 as standard equipment.

Kids might be sleeping without being noticed??



It has a rear speaker on the back seat!!

What a nice car for the passengers…


This is a trunk space using the third-row seat.

You can put two carry-on suitcases. (*^▽^*)


However, if you fold up the third-row seat like this…


Wow. (^○^)

You can have enough space to put baggage for 5 people.

How was it??

It has a lot of comfortable equipment as if it weren’t already enough. (≧▽≦)

If you rent a car,

it is better to rent a comfortable car at a good bargain. ヽ(^o^)丿




The summer in Hokkaido has come to the end.

Let’s rent a car with a good price and spend the money left over on the food of Hokkaido.