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Sightseeing in Hokkaido|Sapporo Snow Festival 2018 The 1st part|World Net Rent A Car

I have often heard the news

that the number of foreign tourists visiting Hokkaido is increasing every year…

Last week I thought that the number is especially high☺

The reason is…

Finally, this season came in!☺

It’s the Sapporo Snow Festival⛄

I have visited there 2 years in a row💨

It had been held from February 5 to 12,

the day I went was so cold…🌀🌀

First of all, which was a talk of the town

that is Projection Mapping in Odori 4-chome 🎦🎦

  It is about 2~3 minutes.

It was impressive and impactive,

so I looked into it as I forgot about the cold✨✨✨

The ice sculptures were made in Odori 2-chome☺

In the night they were illuminated and very fantastic✨✨

I could see Sapporo TV tower lighted up from far away,

It looked so wonderful and magnificent

Near the entrance of the smoking room,

That’s a very fantastic view by ice and lightening up🚬

But it seems freezing...

A huge jump stand appeared in Odori 3-chome🏂

When I took these pictures, staffs were performing the maintenance...

But there were seats, it would be excited during the events...

In Odori 7-chome, there was the snow statue of Stockholm Cathedral in Sweden

It was a solemn atmosphere during daytime,

but at the evening...

As lightning up and changing color,

even same status looked different.

In Odori 10-chome,

there was the slide of a certain famous cup noodle🍜

Where noodles seem to be pouring is slide😋

On the opposite side,

there were all major characters of snow statues

of BLACK JACK, Astro Boy, and Princess Knight✨✨

It was so huge and powerful☺



So, that's it for this week.

In the next week’s staff blog, we will introduce the food makes you warm up except for the snow sculptures.

Please look forward to it. ♪