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TOYOTA VITZ & how to use ETC|World Net Rent-A-Car

The real summer season gradually has come in Hokkaido. (^◇^)

Nice weather makes us to go out for driving!!

So, This time, We will introduce,

popular car model TOYOTA VITZ which wanna go out together (^◇^)!


It is very compact and has good operability!

One of the reasons for the popularity is the subdued exterior. (^^)/

It has good fuel efficiency, so it is good on the wallet for saving money (^_-)-☆

If you fold down rear seats, you can put a lot of luggage good enough. (^^)/

For the customers who would like to drive in the neighbor (^^♪

or for long distance driving (^◇^)!,

This is the car model to be able to meet many requests!

Please make a reservation with us!


We have not finished yet.

Would you like to use time with efficiency after renting a car with reasonable price?

So, it is essential to use expressway for a long distance driving.

Speaking of the highway, using ETC is very convenient!

You might be wondering if a rental car is equipped with the ETC device.

Please do not worry. (^◇^)

The ETC device is standard equipment!

As we do not rent an ETC card, so please bring your own ETC card. m(_ _)m

(We have prepared for HEP for customers from abroad)

We will introduce the ETC device in TOYOTA VITZ as an example model.  (^^♪

Basically, the ETC device is attached to the upper right side corner of driver’s seat.

When you turn on the engine, you hear the voice of “Please insert an ETC card.″ by Japanese.

The red light will be on when the card is not inserted.

In the↑above picture, it is the state of not being inserted. (^^

When you insert the card, it says,

" An ETC card is certified. The expiration date is…

You hear the voice and it tells the expiration date.

When it is certified, oh! the green light is on!

Now, an ETC card is prepared! Let’s go. (^o^)



If you insert the card in the wrong way, you hear the voice of

"Please check an ETC card..Please check expiration date...

and the red light is still on. (>_<)

Please insert an ETC card in the right direction.

It will be all right if you remember that the green light is on!



How was it (^^)? It will be easy(^^)/

Now you can drive comfortably without wasting time at the toll gates and having stress to prepare the money. (^o^)

Moreover, please enjoy a drive with our popular car model. (^^♪