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Mileage Displacement Number of seats Size of the trunk
22.6km/L 1200cc 5 (Recommended number of people 4) ×3
Vehicle Equipment
Air bag ABS Accessory socket Car navigation system ETC device The Intelligent Key Traction Control System CD player Portable audio connection code 

About the vehicle

Introducing NOTE, Nissan's comapct car. Notice how spacious the vehicle's interior is. The rear seat area is especially big, allowing passengers to sit comfortably with plenty of leg room, it is comparable to sedans. NOTE is spacious with its ceiling being high, but the vehicle also allows the driver to make small turns at the same time that are only possible with compact cars. Enjoy a stable and comfortable drive with NOTE. The vehicle size is 410 cm(length)× 169 cm(width) × 153 cm(height).

The puffy and curvy interior carries a soothing, high-end vibe with it.

To start the vehicle's engine, step down on the brake while simultaneous pressing the push button on the left side of the steering wheel with the smart key inside of a car.

The meter for Note has an simply design and is easy to read and understand.

The GPS has been set up the place for convenient use.

The ETC device can be found attached to the dashboard.

The vehicle comes with an Emergency Brake that helps avoid collision, and an LDW (Lane Daparture Warning) system that warns the driver when the vehicle has gone out of lane.

NOTE's rear seat area of proud. With the door can be up to open up to as much as 90 degrees, passengers will have a much easier time getting on/ off the vehicle and loading luggage. Get in the vehicle and feel the spcious interior for yourself!

There is plenty of space even with a baby car seat in place.

There is enough space in the trunk to hold two items, each the size of the average carry-on luggage. You can make even more space out of the rear seat by folding it down.

Even the large baggage also can be put in enough. If you will be traveling with a small number of people, you can just fill up the space with more souveniors!

The fuel tank is on the left side of the vehicle

This remote control key is for NOTE. Please keep it safe.