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Mileage Displacement Number of seats Size of the trunk
14km/L 1997cc 8 (Recommended number of people 6) ×4
Vehicle Equipment
Air bag ABS Accessory socket Idle reduction function Car navigation system ETC device Traction Control System Smart Entry System CD player Bluetooth 

About the vehicle

Introducing HONDA's Step WGN. Being Honda's first 1.5L vehicle, Step WGN comes with a direct fuel-injection engine, making it a fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicle. The Step WGN comes with "Waku Waku Gate" that open up to both sides. It's also possible to get in the vehicle from the back, making it a fun car to ride in for passengers of all ages. The vehicle size is 473 cm(length)× 169 cm(width) × 185 cm(height).

The interior of the vehicle is of an elegant black with a futuristic vibe.

To start the vehicle's engine, step down on the brake while simultaneous pressing the push button on the left side of the steering wheel with the smart key inside of a car.

The meter is right above the instrument panel, giving you a full view of it as you go.

The vehicle's GPS is Honda-original and works with Bluetooth.

The plasmacluster in the air conditioner will clean the air in the vehicle.

The accessory socket could be found right underneath the air conditioner button.

Please remember to remove your card from the ETC device, as the device is close to where the assistant driver's foot are usually placed.

The auto lock/unlock switch for the sliding doors on either side of the car can be found on the right side of the driver's seat.

The second row seat is a bench type seat, making it easy for passengers to get on/ off the vehicle.

This is a picture of the vehicle with a baby car seat installed. There is plenty of space for luggage even with one adult in the vehicle.

The third row seat is quite spacious, too, also making it easy for passengers to get on/ off the vehicle.

With the drink holders and the charging port in the third row seat, you will be comfortable even in the third row seat.

You can find a table attached to the driver's seat/ assistant driver's seat, on which you can place your drink and food.

You can raise the rear hatchback as you would a regular car.

The vehicle also comes with the "Waku Waku Gate" that open up to the side, which comes in handy when you have parked in a parking space that is too narrow for you to get things out from the back of the vehicle.

It's possible to close/ open from the inside, with the switch that is located where the arrow sign. To avoid pressing the switch by accident, you may stop the vehicle and open the "Waku Waku Gate" by holding down on the switch.

If you plan on using the third row seat for extra space, you may fit as many as two items, each the size of the average carry-on luggage.

The third row seat can be stored under the floor to make it flat.

The fuel tank is on the left side of the vehicle

This remote control key is for Step WGN. Please keep it safe.