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Sightseeing in Hokkaido|Sapporo Snow Festival the 2nd Part|World Net Rent A Car

Well, following the last posting, 

this time I will introduce goods limited in Sapporo Snow Festival,

and foods which were so delicious!😁😁


At first, these are goods you can find at official shops.

Design of snowmen is changed every years☃☃

What a lovely design in this year also😍😍

Of course you can find many kinds of Snow Miku goods.

I heard there is exclusive goods shop for Snow Miku on 11 chome


In addition, there was also a temporary post office on the venue✉✉

Which you can get from here is…


Frame postage stamps limited in Sapporo Snow Festival✨✨

It would be good for memory💖

In the Snow Miku package, there are not only stamps,

included specially designed fork and 10 postcards also.


I have introduced snow sculpture of Helsingin tuomiokirkko in Finland at the last posting

I found Moomin which is called the character representing Finland

He is holding a Finland national flag in a lovely small hand…😍😍


When I go in this dome(tent?) in Odori 2 chome…


surprisingly, there is Coke which is packaged for limited design of Snow Festival 70th anniversary!

Not only coke, that was lip balm placed 2nd row left one…

Is it flavored() coke


Of course I will introduce food also!

Uni gohan which is full of sea urchin

It is so luxurious…✨✨

There were 500 yen plate and 1,000 yen plate, ↑I chose 1,000 yen plate.

1,000 yen plate is three times as much sea urchin as 500 yen…!!😋😋


Scallop which was very big, and plump that cooked right there,

 was so delicious 👍👍


❄Snow sweet bean soup(Yuki-no Oshiruko)

which is warm and sweet

made me melt.

There was many ingredients of the beans, granola, rice cakes in there,

it made me full unexpectedly😋😋


It was not sale in Snow Festival venue,

there was collaboration dessert of Yukimushi soufflé for Morimoto, Lawson, and Snow Miku😀😀

It was sold in time for the Snow Festival, 

and it was only sold some stores even in Hokkaido.

If you come to Hokkaido soon, it may be still sold it



What kind of festival will be next year…😊😊

There were a lot of things that I couldn't introduce, 

Why don't you make a plan of Sapporo Snow Festival on next year

with World Net Rent-A-Car??🚗💨💨