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Shinkoyaki, a soul food of Asahikawa, and "Onoki"|World Net Rent-A-Car

Happy new year!

Thank you for your continued support in 2021.😄


I would like to introduce you to various places and information about Hokkaido with a newer mind…

Now that it is necessary to refrain from going to sightseeing spots and restaurants due to prevent Covid19.


We hope that Covid19 state of emergency in Japan will end as soon as possible,

and for the time being, I would like to release the files that have been undisclosed.


Today's topic is about Shinkoyaki, a soul food of Asahikawa,

and Onoki, a chicken specialty restaurant!


※Introducing places visited before the outbreak of Covid19 or during the Go To travel campaign.

Therefore, the information may differ from the current situation.





Do you know a dish called Shinkoyaki?


Shinkoyaki is a chicken dish of half-cut with bones, including chicken wings,

and is said to have originated in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido.

It is a soul food that is loved by the common people of Asahikawa,

but until 2012, it was not well known even in Hokkaido.

It's sold at many restaurants now, but I was a little worried because most are Izakaya...

As for the place introduced today, the restaurant is located near Asahiyama Zoo,

and lunch is also open, so it is recommended to visit with your family with enjoying the zoo.


"Onoki" is a old fashioned Japanese restaurant that was founded in 1918

and has a reputation for being particular about frying oil and batter.

It is only open for lunch on weekdays, so please be careful about the time when you visit.


There are many options such as set meals, single item menus, even course menus

and I ordered a special lunch limited to 20 meals on weekdays.

This is a limited menu only from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.


It has a very nice composition including deep-fried chicken skewers,

chicken rice bowl, chawanmushi, miso soup, sesame pudding, and coffee.


The chicken meat of the chicken rice bowl was really tender.

Sweet sauce on the meat went well with rice also.


The crispy deep-fried skewers using a batter that does not use water are surprisingly good with the special sesame salt.


After the meal, they served sesame pudding and coffee also.

I really enjoyed the meal!😋



you may have noticed, where is Shinkoyaki?


Actually, I took it away to the hotel!

'Onoki' has very short business hours on weekdays and is open only from 11:00 to 15:00,

but they provide a package to take it home until 18:00!

The package is also recommended when returning to the hotel after enjoying at Asahiyama Zoo.

(Business hours are longer on weekends, from 11:00 to 20:30)


And this Shinkoyaki was also very delicious!

It was soft and juicy, and it had a sweet sauce for Shinkoyaki, so I definitely want to go there again.

It was the introduction of "Onoki", a restaurant listed in the Michelin Guide,

recommended for people who want to eat delicious chicken, eat only Asahikawa dishes,

and want to eat in a luxurious Japanese mood.




Business Hours

Weekday 11001500(Take-out is available until 1800

Weekend 11002030(L.O. 2000 

Closed:Tue, 3rd Mon, irregular holidays

Address:北海道旭川市東旭川北1条6丁目 動物園通り