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Today’s topic is for a new model vehicle!!🎉

YARIS, it is a new car model of TOYOTA and we have prepared a car model guaranteed plan for it at this moment!

It had been launched the name “Vitz” until 3rd generations for 20 years in Japan,

but the name has been changed to Yaris as the same in abroad(mostly this name has been used in Europe)

and launched on February 10, 2020 for a new model.


If you want to rent a new car, or consider to purchase a new vehicle,

please check the information of this vehicle with the special plan.


For a Car model guaranteed plan of YARIS, you can make a reservation on this page.

(At this moment, only Japanese webpage is available. Thank you for your kind understanding.)



Since the first model of Vitz in Japan,

this model has been full changed twice,

and finally it has been changed the name Yaris

which is a 4th model of Toyota’s representative compact car.


The new Yaris’ exterior design concept is defined

as ‘Condensed and Agile’- always ready to move and enjoy.


It has 12 types color selections and 6 types of two-tones color selections.

(but mostly we have a white color.)


A chunky bumper for a Yaris.

It is also attractively designed that the rear end also features a set of sculpted taillights joined by a black trim piece.



Logo for the Yaris😊😊


The doors can be opened quite wide to make easier when you get in/off the car.

Also, it is able to adjust the height of the driver’s seat and steering wheel.

The seat is made to be fit the body, and the whole design is considering the ride comfort,

it provides good experience for long-distance driving also. 


The driver's seat is located slightly low center of the gravity.

And this interior will make you feel wider and a comfortable field of view.


“Toyota Display Audio System” which makes to be able to connect with smartphones

and use a lot of functions has equipped standard on all grades of Yaris.

With connecting Bluetooth to your smartphone,

you could use many applications on your phone such as a map.

When I connected my smartphone to the Display Audio,

it showed me how to get to my home, and when I could get arrived at home immediately.



Even if you don’t want to connect your smartphone with the Display Audio, you can use it as usual GPS.

Of course, it is no problem for a customer who doesn’t have a smartphone also.



It is also available to connect USB when charging your phone from here.

It is equipped with the accessory socket, you could get the power from there.

(Please prepare the adaptor by yourself.)


 Let’s check the boot space.

We got many inquiries about car boot space

especially from the customers who have reserved with the Compact car...


But it has a big boot space unlikely to be a Compact class car.

The Yaris is the first model to adopt the TNGA platform (GA-B) for compact cars,

the boot space can be used widely without sacrificing indoor space with the latest system.

When using the back seats, the size of boot space is Length 630mm, Width 1,000mm, Height 692mm.

Comparing with the Vits, it has a 530mm for a length only. Yaris is definitely bigger.


Of course, if you will use the car with one or two passengers,

you could fold down the back seat.


For pulling up this equipment, the back seat can be folded easily.


Yaris model guaranteed plan is limited quantities!

If you want to make a reservation with Yaris, please go to this page.