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Walking on the Jozankei Onsen Town|World Net Rent-A-Car

Jozankei, it is not a place famous for Ryokans only,

but it is also famous for day trip bates more than 20 facilities,

activities, and cafes.

It is also loved onsen place for Sapporo citizens

as it takes only 50 minutes~1 hour by a car from Sapporo.


During a lot of attractions,

today I'm gonna introduce townscape of Jozankei, and cafes!



It was built about 150 years ago as a hot spring town.

The name of the Jozankei Hot Springs came from Miizumi Jozan, an ascetic monk,

discovered the hot springs and opened a healing spa.

The hot springs contain sodium chloride, it is colorless and odorless.


At the entrance of Jozankei Onsen town,

'Kappa family wishing hand bath' is for washing hands

by pouring hot water over the head of Kappa and flowing from Kappa's mouth.

Jozankei Onsen has a 'Kappa legend' and you can see it in various ways as a mascot in this area.


When walking to the center of the town, there is a "Jozankei Gensen Park".

It is open from 7 am to 9 pm and you can enter free of charge.


It has opened on the 200th anniversary of Jozankei Hot Springs founder’s birth,

there is a statue of the founder and a variety of hot springs to soak your feet and hands.

Hot water is naturally flowing out from the cracks in the bedrock on the riverbank and the bottom of the river.

It is very hot, and you can see the boiling water.


Please use the footbath freely and prepare towels in advance.



Jozankei is small town but you can enjoy a variety of attractive lunches and desserts.

I'm gonna introduce some of them together!


Ameno hito yukino hi 雨ノ日と雪ノ日 


This is a really delicious cafe with fresh pizza using ingredients selected by chefs at first-class hotels,

vegetables grown directly, and gelato using Biei's milk.

The name of cafe, Amenohito Yukinohi means rainy days and snowy days.

If it rains or snows when you visit the cafe,

they offer a variety of service, such as free coffee, one free addition of gelato flavor,

and free addition of cheese for pizza.



【Address】Jozankei Onsen nishi 2 chome 41, Minami-ku, Sapporo 061-2303, Hokkaido 

【Opening hours】10:00 am ~5:30 pm(Stop the order for pizza at 5 pm)

【Closed】Open throughout the year




Sakano Ueno Monaka 坂ノ上の最中


"MONAKA" is combined Western and Japanese sweets,

you can enjoy various tastes and textures.

The cafe belonging to 'Jozankei Daiichi Hoteru Suizantei',

it is open until 5pm, but usually it's sold out before then.



【Address】105 3-chome Jozankei onsen nishi, Minami-ku , Sapporo

Jozankei Daiichi Hotel Suizantei 1F

【Opening hours】9:30 am ~ 5 pm

※Limited Quantity





Other then, there are much more ways to enjoy Jozankei

such as Jozankei Dam that can be reached by car in about 6~8 minutes,

Hoheikyo, where the scenery of the hot springs are wonderful,

Jozankei Farm where you can pick fruits, and many more.

Why don't you drive to Jozankei with the World Net Rent-A-Car?