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TRAFFIC SIGN of Hokkaido|World Net Rent-A-Car

It is the season to changing from autumn to winter...

The wind is cold even on a clear day,

and there are days when the temperature is under 10℃...😞💦💦

It is the season that leaves are changing colors beautifully,

but don't forget to prepare for cold weather.

We felt too freezing, so finally we have turned on the stove in reservation center😖😖

...only 1 day...


So. This time we will introduce obvious things for us living Hokkaido,

but unknown to those who do not.🙋🙋

Please check it out so that you won't be surprised while driving~✅✅

This arrow is very useful in winter!


I've seen it since I was born(?),

I really was surprised when I realize it is only in Hokkaido...💦

This is it. I don't get much help in the summer...

But it is so much useful in winter

especially bad weather like snow storms which occurs whiteout and heavy snowfall.

This is a sign used when the outline is not visible by snow,

so if you drive in Hokkaido, please remember it✨

It is called 「Pole with an arrow feather」.

(but actually I didn't know even name...)


Is this the only in Hokkaido?

I believed it was everywhere in Japan...

When stopping line couldn't see for snow, it shows where it is.

It is also easy to find in Hokkaido☺☺


The person who came up with this is amazing...

Vertical traffic light, It has become more findable in the streets in Hokkaido.

It is for preventing invisible signal by accumulating snow on top of traffic light.

Vertical type is more familiar, but I didn't realize about meaning until recently..

(or I didn't care about it until recently...)



It will become heavy snowfall season,

please confirm the traffic information, and enjoy driving in Hokkaido! ^^) _旦~~