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Last week the typhoon has struck Hokkaido.

So, maybe there are customers who have changed a plan…

It’s been 9 years since the last typhoon made landfall in Hokkaido. ((+_+))

For the former part of this week, it might be raining,

so please enjoy your safe drive. (≧▽≦)

This time, we will introduce A class’s rare? 6-seaters car, Toyota Sienta.


Speaking of Sienta, this looks.

If you see it once,

that is the unique and unforgettable design.


Umm… There might be someone who have this kind of face.


We have only one among A class of our rental cars having the

Power Sliding Door on the both side doors.

It is very valuable to rent the car with power sliding doors at the price of A class.

The low-height car, so small kids and the elderly can get on and off easily.

If you make the second and third row seat to the space for your baggage,

you can take in and out of baggage easily.


There is a button to open and close the sliding door

on the right side of the steering wheel. (*^▽^*)

According to the use,

it is GOOD to open and close in a single operation.


If you use the second and third row seat, unexpectedly?

You will have a large-sized seat.


Even for the third-row seat,

it is the bench seat design.

It has a drink holder,

so it is all right to ride on the car by 6 people.


Moreover, it enables various seat arrangement.

You can have more space for baggage by folding down the one side of the seat.♪♪

It is very moving to make it flat like this. (^o^)丿

For the second row seat,

you can operate it in a single operation,

So it will be easy for you to get on and off from the third row seat. (^_-)-☆


The layout to keep eye movements during driving a car to the minimum,

A high position combination meter is adopted.

So, the meter is clear and easy to see.

It’s our recommendation.


It is capable of connecting an audio device and corresponding to Bluetooth!(^^)!

However, we have more cars with AUX and USB cable than ones corresponding to Bluetooth.

The customers who have the car corresponding to Bluetooth will be lucky.

This week we will have still more rainy days.



On a rainy day,

please enjoy the rest of Hokkaido’s summer by having a comfortable drive

with our rental car. \(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/