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Hokkaido is the only place having no rainy season, but it rained last week.

It must be tough for customers visited last week…??

By the way, now I am updating this blog, we have the sudden,

heavy shower like a squall.

Well…, we can see the sun light through the clouds.

It might be a changeable weather today.

This time, it is the second time of introducing a Hybrid car,

so we will introduce Toyota Axio Hybrid.

There are many people having an impression of a Hybrid car =/equals TOYOTA AQUA?

But, this time introducing Axio Hybrid has fully loaded, hidden (?) functions!!


Subdued deep red color♥ We also have the white color.

If there is a stock, you can choose your desired color??

Personally, I like the white one..


If you see the font side, it looks like this?

The company logo of TOYOTA is blue, and it’s the distinguishing feature.


A meter is the unique feature of Axio Hybrid.

Expanding a little more…???


The fuel consumption data shows graphically based on the travel distance in the past?

This car has been used since February.

It means that you can rent the newly registered car????


By the operation button the fuel consumption is ranked?

“What was my result of ranking of the fuel consumption?”

You can enjoy your driving that way.


By the way, you can operate the right button on the steering wheel.


If you press the 【EV MODE】button once,

it will be the mode only powered by the battery.

(If it is charged…)

If you push once more, it returns to normal mode.


In addition, this is the useful function near the engine button??

As a safety system, it has “Pre-Crash Safety System”

to avoid collisions with vehicles and pedestrians

and to gives support to reduce the collision damage.

If you enjoy your trip too much and drive in the late night,

you can feel safe. (^^♪


The spacious trunk is the attractive feature of Axio Hybrid???

As it is wide,

so you can put three items of carry-on baggage in the trunk. (/・ω・)/(/・ω・)/(/・ω・)/




Actually, there are still more useful functions of Axio Hybrid!!

Please look forward to the second version of Axio Hybrid (I wonder if it is uploaded or not…)   If you consider the HVA class,

please enjoy the operability of Axio Hybrid as well as AQUA. ( ^^) _旦~~

(Please enjoy which one you will get, AQUA or Axio Hybrid until the day…?)

The summer season will be in full swing from now,

so why don’t you enjoy driving quietly and comfortably by hybrid cars??